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Virtual Learning Classes

  • Financial literacy
  • Parenting
  • Employment Readiness 
  • Cooking & Nutrition
  • Sexual Health & Substance Abuse Education
  •  Drivers Education 


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Counseling on compliance with rental lease requirements

This class guides and educates tenants in understanding the rights and duties of tenants and landlords and covers the most important terms.

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Financial Literacy 101

Date:  11/1/22 – End date: 12/13/22

Time:  6:30 PM – 7:30 PM

Financial literacy is crucial to successful adulting and has a direct impact on the ability to make wise financial decisions. Learn the 5 key concepts to improve you’re your financial literacy and stability.

  1. Banking basics
  2. Saving and Budgeting 
  3. Understanding interest rates
  4. Credit & Debt management
  5. Investing

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The Nurturing Parenting Program is an evidence-based program, a “series of sequenced lessons designed to help young adults acquire specific knowledge and effective skills that improve overall parenting skills. Parenting skills are measured in personal and family lifestyle patterns and parenting knowledge beliefs and performances.

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Employment Readiness

This program is a comprehensive preparation for people entering the workforce. The goal is to educate and support individuals in finding and maintaining employment.

  • Communication/soft skills
  • Resume writing workshop
  • Job retention
  • Personal appearance
  • Mock interview

Start date:  11/2//22– End Date:  11/30/22

Time: 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM

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Focus2 Career Assessment 

Explore fulfilling careers.

 Use the FOCUS 2 self-paced, online career assessment tool to assist you in exploring your major and career choices. Use FOCUS 2 to assess your interests, skills, values, and personality, resulting in a list of careers and majors for further exploration.

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Cooking and Nutrition 

This program offers an opportunity to develop the skills of making healthy food choices and learning how to cook healthy meals. Participants will cook along with the instructors while learning a variety of core nutrition principles.  

Start Date:  11/3/22 – End Date:  12/8/22


Sexual Health Education

An open discussion of sexuality issues promotes sexual health and responsible behaviors. 

Call or email for schedules (954) 240-8574, 

Call or email for schedules (954) 240-8574, 

Suspended until further notice. 

Driver’s Education

Independence Drive, Apply for your first-time Class E, Florida Drivers’ license. Obtaining a driver’s license can be confusing and costly. We’re here to relieve you of both. No out-of-pocket expenses or waiting to be reimbursed. Applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria and complete the process: Be between the ages of 18-23, aged out of the dependency system, reside in Broward County, employed full or part-time, or are currently in school.

Call for details at (954) 240-8574,   Apply here