Teens leaving foster care face many challenges

They deserve our support while they transition to independence and adulthood


1 in 5 experience homelessness within a year of aging out of the foster care system


Only 50% of former foster youth graduate from High School


65% of foster youth attend  more than 7 different schools between Kindergarten and age 12


Here’s the problem  

 Even though the foster care system is well-intentioned the reality is that the outcome of the lives of the children in care is profoundly disconnected. 65% of foster youth attended more than 7 different schools from kindergarten to the age of 12. They are moved from home to home, separating from familiar social circles, and lose the opportunity to make lasting relationships and important people who have the ability to help to make going to college possible.   It’s no wonder that this population leaves the foster care home unprepared for their future.  Very few youths have work experience or, marketable skills so they tend to fall through the cracks experiencing poverty,


and homelessness, incarceration, unplanned pregnancies, and addictions at a much higher rate than their non-foster care peers.

 They are amongst our most vulnerable citizens. Now they are our children and need our help. We as a community can share the responsibility of supporting and preparing them for a successful and productive future. This would be a prudent course to take  We can help them now, or when they are incarcerated or in homeless shelters. 


Bridging the gaps in Education, employment, home economics and more


Nurturing parenting skills is an alternative to abusive and neglecting parenting and child-rearing practices.  This program is sensitive to the needs of young parents and teaches them how to properly care for and nurture both themselves and their children.  It explores and educates parents on the effects of positive parenting in a family. The long-term goals are to reduce the cycles of intergenerational abuse.





Broadening career choices and opening paths to professions that are often overlooked and under-enrolled by minorities. A tour and introduction to the Broward Fire Academy revealed opportunities for men and women to professions that provide a sense of pride while protecting lives, property, and the environment.







Independence Drive offers eligible youths an opportunity to gain a Florida Driver’s License. Driver’s education is often a forgotten milestone in the life of a youth in foster care. This program is streamlined making the application and process simple and at no cost to the applicant  

 Funded by BSO Law Enforcement  Trust Fund Program




Thank you, we couldn’t do it without you