CoronaVirus Outbreak

We’ll get through this together. 



We hope you are well and continuing to cope with the adversities of the Corona Virus pandemic. 

 Don’t let your guard down just yet. It is still very important to continues to follow the directives given to us to protect ourselves and each other.

To maintain a safe working environment our clients and visitors are asked to adhere to these new guidelines and protocols.


All occupants will be required to wear masks/facial coverings upon entering the building, and as they move around the common areas. Our receptionist will ask anyone seen without facial covering to put one, a refusal constitutes being asked to leave the premises.

People Flow 

Lobbies and waiting areas: We ask that you maintain social distancing and remain at least 6 feet away from other people in all lobbies, receptions, and waiting areas.  We have removed some chairs and blocked off seats in common area sofas.  Please respect these arrangements.


We are suggesting a maximum occupancy of 2 people per cab.


Please call or email regarding class schedules and meetings, (954) 240-8574.

In the meantime, continue practicing social distancing, wear personal protective equipment, (PPE) rubber gloves, face masks, use hand sanitizers, and remember to wash your hands frequently.

Thank you and be safe and remember to wash your hands often.





Helpful Links For Coping During COVID-19 PANDEMIC