Our approach


We serve Broward County youths between the ages of 18-23 that have aged out of the foster care system. We focus on education and have created distinctive programs that close the gaps in education, healthcare, home economics, and employment.

 We are all called to reality and we have taken action by providing basic life skills training to our young people such as financial literacy, parenting, learning the health benefits of nutrition and how to cook, and yes get a college degree. We all know that going to college doesn’t start at age 18 and this population is at a serious disadvantage. But a college education is still the most common route to getting higher-skilled jobs and careers that offer higher pay and benefits that stabilize individuals and families.

  Our collaborations with community colleges help students prepare and navigate the college application process and finances. We partner with businesses and companies that streamline the process and motivate and support their success.  Students tour the college campus, meet faculty and get familiar with college life and a different cultural population. We mentor and motivate success, overcome challenges, and teach self-reliance.  For those who are not able or interested in a  degree, we provide opportunities to explore technical colleges for a short but comprehensive training that allows immediate entry into jobs that are in high demand.

Broward Technical College, McFatter Tech college, Atlantic Tech, and Sheridan were participants of our Trade School Fair. The event provided the convenience of gathering information from all the technical institutions in one single location. Youths compared institutions and programs easily, got immediate answers to their questions, and planned activities for success. With this knowledge we see these young people gaining confidence and many are currently enrolled in college.

Many businesses and individuals provide their expertise and knowledge and play an important roll in educating and broadening the horizons of our youth. Collaboration and partnership work to improve lives and build strong interpersonal business relationships. 

With continued support, we can anticipate their stability and their contribution to the stability of their communities while becoming adults and citizens with homes and families of their own.




Broward College
Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport
Broward Sherrif’s office


A Team You Can Rely On


What’s that saying? “No man is an island”

It’s just not possible to do everything on your own. Our awesome crew is always ready to help in all areas of need. Michelle De Vera, Jean-Richard Thelemaque, and Rorey Wanliss can be found assisting in a classroom, mentoring youth, or broadening the career horizons of our young people. Their team spirit and can-do attitude is the vehicle that transfers ideas into realities. 


When they are not busy supporting Turning Point, you will probably find Michelle in the dojo practicing Kickboxing. Jean-Richard is an avid photographer and often graces us with his talents by photographing our events and Rorey loves to cook and is always sought after for a sample of his delicious jerk chicken. Teamwork makes the dream work and together with our many volunteers, they strive to support this company’s mission.