“To provide support and encouragement for young adults in transition from the foster care system to independence”       



     We recognize the challenges of a young adult transitioning from the dependency system to adulthood and independence. Navigating through life’s challenges are difficult and their lives are already problematic. Without support the lives of these young people can quickly derail. Our collaborations with community businesses and agencies has allowed us to create workshops and independent living skills training to motivate success, to overcome challenges and be self-reliant.  In this atmosphere we discuss the importance of good health, family, relationships, education and employment. We encourage higher education and explore the socioeconomic differences between a college degree and a high School diploma. For those who are not interested in a 4-year degree there are short but comprehensive training that allows immediate entry into jobs that are in high demand. Broward Technical College, McFatter Tech college, Atlantic Tech and Sheridan were participants of our Trade School Fair. The event offers the convenience of gathering information from all the technical institutions in one single location. Youths can compare schools and programs easily, get immediate answers to their questions and plan an action for success. With this knowledge we see these young people gaining confidence and many are currently enrolled in college. With continued support we can anticipate their contribution to the stability of their communities and become adult citizens with homes and families.






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Mentoring a young person is one of the most valuable and rewarding experience that you could ever have. Your support will have a positive effect on someone’s life. You will probably also be surprised in what you can learn about yourself it’s an opportunity for growth and learning. Many mentor’s feel that they gain just as much as their mentee’s and values the experience. Being a mentor enhances your life in many ways, it improves the relationships with your own children, you gain a better perspective of other cultures and develop an appreciation for diversity. When mentoring you will even feel your own self-esteem improving knowing that you are making a difference, you might even have some fun. Most of us have had someone we look up to perhaps a coach or, manager that made a positive difference in our lives. They were our cheer leaders, role models and delegators. They wore many hats and you will too as your role as a mentor.


Gaston Sanchez youth motivational speaker


The Crew

A Team You Can Rely On

                      TEAM WORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK!

What’s that saying? “No man is an island”

It’s just not possible to do everything on your own. Our awesome crew is always ready to help in all areas of need. Michelle De Vera, Jean-Richard Thelemaque and Rorey Wanliss can be found assisting in a class room, mentoring a youth or broadening the career horizons of our young people. Their team spirit and can do attitude is the vehicle that transfers ideas into realities. 


When they are not busy supporting Turning Point, you will probably find Michelle in the dojo practicing Kick boxing. Jean-Richard is an avid photographer and often graces us with his talents by photographing our events and Rorey loves to cook and is always sought after for a sample of his delicious jerk chicken. Team work makes the dream work and together with our many volunteers they strive to support this company’s mission.